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Our bracerie - The art of grilling: vegetable charcoal and the finest meat

Grilling or cooking using spits or skewers is the oldest and known cooking method  and represents the starting point of all the Modern Cuisine.

Its origins date back to the Age of Fire in the lower Paleolithic, when the primitive man- known as Homo erectus-  discovered fire and realized that by exposing food to heat, it became softer, digestible and tasty.

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Grilled foods and health

The charcoal grill permit a rapid cooking but requires a great skill to be done perfectly; a minute more or less or a wrong temperature can compromise the success of the dish. Grilling is associated, by definition, with healthy eating, low in fat and dietetic. The most important advantage given by this kind of cooking is that the fats contained in the food dissolve and are immediately eliminated. The heat produced by the charcoal, envelops the food creating a thin protective crust that preserves all its nutritional elements.


The new trend: smoked meat crudites

Cuddle  your palate with a triumph of tartare, carpaccio, bresaola! Delicious meats of  Chianina breed: incomparable quality, rich in protein and highly digestible.

An unusual blend of flavors will capture your palate with a savage touch...