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Restaurant Pizzeria and Bracerie in Arta Terme

Traditional cuisine

This is our style: homey and appetizing! We will delight you with the seasoning fragrances of the Apulian lands and seduce your senses with the mouthwatering taste of the products coming from Abruzzo. Let us whet your appetite in our restaurant “Pizza, Grill & Maccaroni”! You will enjoy classic recipes from the Italian tradition and several gourmet combinations.


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Certificate of Excellence 2022

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Our gourmet pizzas can whet the most sophisticated palates! We enjoy creating always new kind of pizza  by pairing also unusual ingredients to obtain new flavours with the aim of astonishing our guests. The gourmet pizza is characterized by a particular dough processing which, during baking, allows the edge to become higher and swollen. It will be served cut into eight segments, as the last gastronomic trend wants.



A great care in the choice of  products and their provenance guarantees the best selection of meat. A masterful cooking with the ancient method of open-plane brazier on charcoal offers a real show for the eyes and whet the palate! The best cuts of meat follow each other sizzling on the grill: Irish Cube Roll, Italian Scottona , Black Ox, mixed grill, traditional skewers and the unmistakable and appetizing handmade "Arrosticini Abbruzzesi " ( tasty skewer of lamb meat bits ). And  more than this... a wide and careful selection of wines will sure enhance the wonderful taste of our meat dishes. 



Our recipes tell an ancient story: the story of a  timeless and passionate love for good food. We serve only pasta of top quality: organic durum wheat  Senatore Cappelli, bronze drawing, slow drying. The extraordinary "pasta Senatore Cappelli" perfectly matches other ingredients, like meats and fish,  cheese and vegetables.

Try our traditional and gourmet recipes!

Come and rediscover the pleasure of the genuine food and do your personal gastronomic cocktail!  

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Every year at Pizza Grill & Maccaroni are consumed:

28,000 Pizzas
49,000 liters of beer
10,000 kebabs
52 Qt. of coal