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Maccaroni- Our restaurant in Arta Terme

Our restaurant in Arta Terme can satisfy all tastes! You will discover delicate and unusual combinations. Strong flavors combined with delicate and charming tastes. Due to the influence of different italian regional cuisines - such as Abruzzo, Apulia, Calabria and  Friuli-  our menu offers a wide range of dishes: delicate, spicy, flavoured, for vegetarian and for meat lovers,  of rich tastes or in light combinations.
Choose your favourite dishes according to your personal taste!

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Pasta Senatore Cappelli

Senatore Cappelli is an ancient grain variety coming from North Africa, introduced and cultivated in Italy because it had higher yields per hectare, than other local wheat varieties.This wheat is cultivated - respecting the ancient cultivation method- in a pristine area in the Lucan hinterland (named "calanchi" : hills of the upper Murgia of Puglia).

The short distance (only 50 km), between the area of ​​wheat cultivation and the pasta factory, provides to this production the denomination "short chain" which means that the flour is delivered to the pasta factory immediately after grinding. The Senatore Cappelli pasta is dried at a low temperature for about 50 hours! Grace to this simulation of natural sun drying the pasta Senatore Cappelli is rich in flavours and supplemented with vitamins and mineral salts.


Senatore Cappelli Bio-products

Bronze drawing and slow drying ensure our homemade pasta the flavor and texture of the past. Our organic indigenous durum wheat Senatore Cappelli guarantees high protein content, high digestibility and an excellent supply of Omega 3 and Omega 6. The energy used for the production of organic pasta comes 100% from renewable sources and is completely self-produced by our chain. We produce in certified organic and with sustainable agronomic technologies.



The third term of our brand "Maccaroni" expresses the passion for italian pastas in all its shapes and preparations. Like pizza, pasta is the symbol of South-Italy, and generally of the Italian cuisine. To get the best result and serve an appetizing pasta dish the first and most important ingredient is an excellent pasta brand.

In our restaurant serve only the excellent Senatore Cappelli Pasta, produced with 100% organic apulian Senatore Cappelli wheat, called "elite breed" grain because it is the oldest and most noble of the grains grown in Italy.



The key word for a good pasta recipe is "simplicity".

Excellent quality pasta with genuine and selected ingredients.



Turnip greens orecchiette-Arta-terme-Carnia-Hotel alla Fonte Senatore Cappelli pasta-Arta-terme-Carnia-Hotel alla Fonte Senatore Cappelli pasta-Arta-terme-Carnia-Hotel alla Fonte Senatore Cappelli pasta-Ristorante Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Ravioli-Restaurant Hotel alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Cheese and pepper spaghetti-Restaurant Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Tagliolini speck and porcini mushroom-ristorante Hotel alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Orecchiette-Pasta Senatore Cappelli-Ristorante Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Orecchiette with turnip greens-Restaurant Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Homemade cannelloni-Restaurant Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Carbonara-Restaurant Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Senatore Cappelli Pasta-Restaurant Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme- Carnia Senatore Cappelli Pasta with fava beans-Restaurant Hotel Alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia Pasta and beans-Restaurant Hotel alla Fonte-Arta Terme-Carnia